The Anxious Mama

From terrible tantrums to happy tears.
From sleepless nights to Motherhood fears.
From anxious traits and honest words,
From poonami nappies and smelly turds.

With truth and openness in this blog, I speak,
From times I’ve truly reached my peak,
It’s a realistic account of a Mum that sometimes struggles,
But someone who dearly treasures those snuggles.

My aim is to share my anxious mind,
By sharing strategies to leave those worries behind.
So my message is just to be yourself,
To be kind, be patient and look after your health.

Because no matter what, you matter too,
Whilst that little face truly looks up to you,
A happy Mama is all they need,
Just remember the years will fly at high-speed.

So make every single second and memory count,
You are cherished and loved a huge amount,
The Anxious Mama is here to share,
From Anxiety to Motherhood and curly, wild hair.

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