Dear Mum.

You are not just a Mum.

You are my World.

My best friend.

My strength.

My guide.

My support.

My shoulder to cry on.

My pantry of advice.

I look up to you in every single way possible.

What ever you put your mind to…

You will achieve it!

I am inspired by you.

I know I want to be just like you.

You work extremely hard but still have time for everyone else.

You are caring, kind, supportive.

An Idol in my eyes.

I truly appreciate everything that you do.

You have the most incredible set of multi-tasking skills that I have ever seen.

The talent is endless!

You just don’t realise it.

I am in awe of you and how truly special you are.

I love how your cooking always looks and tastes divine.

I love how you can quickly whip together a batch of scones and toasted tea cakes within minutes!

I love what an excellent craft-maker you are.

I love that I can come to you, no matter what.

Anytime, any day.

You’re always there!

I love how you can instantly brighten my day.

I love how you make the greatest Nurse when i’m poorly.

I love how the silliest, little things make you laugh.

I love the funny things you do by mistake…

like accidentally writing the contents of a card on the envelope instead!!

I love how similar we are.

Being a Mum is not an easy job,

but somehow you have always made it look like a breeze.

You created four children

and still always try to do your best for each and every one of us.

I am so thankful for that.

You are now a NuNu to two gorgeous grandchildren,

with a little girly on the way!

Our family is growing.

Isn’t it the greatest feeling?

Thank you for treating Harry with such love.

He absolutely adores you

and I just love seeing your relationship grow closer.

Thank you for looking after him on the days I need to work.

I feel at ease knowing he’s in safe hands

and spending time in a place he truly loves.

Thank you for being the greatest Mum.

Thank you for being my inspiration,

My idol.

My rock.

Thank you for you being you!

Growing up right before our very eyes.

Dedicated to Harry Saltern, Age 1, 07/03/2016

” You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. ”

– Dr Seuss.


G r o w i n g   U p


Faith planted the little seed, a love made it grow.

My body so flexible, so robust, so strong.

Working away 24/7.

For nine whole months I was your home, your nest, your warmth and life.

This little human,

Growing, feeding, breathing inside of me.

A feeling like no other.

Feelings of joy, happiness and excitement…

but scared of the unknown.

The mixed emotions about becoming a Mother.


Pregnancy is truly the greatest gift in life.

The most powerful creation.

The most beautiful experience.

Those reassuring movements made me never feel alone.

The kicks, the turns and those cute little hiccups,

all felt from the inside.


Time and patience was the hardest thing.

We couldn’t wait to meet you.

A nursery, a pram and a cot so bare.

A nine month waiting game for this precious life to arrive.

My greatest achievement!


I can’t describe the feeling I felt when I first laid eyes on you.

Your skin, your eyes, your smile,

everything just so perfect.

Your body so small, so fragile, so delicate.

So vulnerable.

We promised to protect you!

You had the tiniest hands and feet

and the cutest little button nose.

Your body weighed just under six pounds.

I really could not be more grateful!!!


The way you crawled across my body to find your food is an experience I shall never forget.

A moment I shall truly cherish forever.

A connection, a bond and a love so strong.

So real.

It was the most natural feeling.


I was your source of nutrition for six whole months.

It was me that turned you into that little chunk.

Those gorgeous Michelin man arms and those yummy, chubby thighs.

I did that, we did that.

The perfect team!


A year has gone by and we’ve learnt so much together.

You’ve developed beautifully.

You’ve met all of your milestones.

You’ve made us laugh, smile, cry.

You’ve completed our family.


I love the way you now crawl everywhere.

Beaming the biggest smile as you go.

A little boy, so happy and free.

So at ease in your surroundings.


That little brain so intelligent,

taking everything in.

Learning to stand up tall and cruise along the sofas.

Pulling the toys out of your toy box.

All on your own.


I love the way you play with your cars.

Rolling and pushing them along the carpet,

shouting the word ‘weeeee’ as you play.

That’s the cutest!


You cleverly create a bomb explosion of toys.

A daily occurrence of what signifies a multi-coloured mine field, scattered across our living room floor.

A room that was once so tidy and neutral,

has now been transformed into something so bright.

So vibrant.

So cheerful.

So loud.

These are just the little things that make you so special.


The three hundred balls from your ball pool dispersed in every direction possible.

Though, Mummy and Daddy really don’t mind!

We like to create silly games with the balls,

Whilst you sit and watch with that hilarious puzzled look on your face.

As if to say…

‘Erm, guys. Who’s meant to be the grown up one’s here?’

I’m afraid you’ve been blessed with a crazy set of immature parents.


You’ve brought so much colour into our lives.

A World filled with such joy,

Such happiness,

Such laughter.

A Love beyond belief.

A constant whirl of euphoria.


I just love how much you adore animals,

The Teletubbies,

Bath time,

and those walks with your Father.

A relationship so unique.

You really do adore your Daddy.

I know he adores you.

He makes you smile and laugh,

a lot!


I even love the food that ends up getting tangled in your hair.

Or thrown in every direction possible.

We are constantly cleaning up after your mess.

Though, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I don’t know what I would do without you.

Not now I have this special little person in my life.


I love your beautiful hair and the little curls that are starting to appear.

I adore the way you screech with happiness almost everywhere you go,

turning heads along the way.

I love the way you give us big hugs,

squeezing our necks so tightly.

I love the way you get excited over bubbles being blown.

I love the way your face lights up when we both come home from work.

I love the way you’ll sit and let me stroke and tickle your neck.

I love you!


I love that you are beginning to understand more.

Engaging and acknowledging certain words.

You seem to currently find the word no very funny though.

It makes your mouth curl up at the sides.

For some reason this word has the opposite effect on you,

and you think it’s a game. 

I really am trying to be serious,

but all I can see is that huge grin beaming at me.

I have to quickly turn my head away!

Before I let on my own smile.

Before you see my moment of failure,

and before I break into laughter.

It’s just too hard to be cross with you!


You are a little adrenaline junkie and you love to be startled.

You’re not afraid nor scared to go to anyone.

Balloons are not your favourite though.

You seem very unsure.

We promise to not shower you with balloons on your birthday.

We just want you to be happy.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you.


You’re so brave and so strong.

We are very proud!


Wilson the puss puss is getting there too…

He will leap to your room when you start crying in the night.

We think he’s checking to see if you’re ok.

It’s an amazing improvement from that first day we brought you home.

He stood up like a Meerkat for what seemed a very long time.

Eyes wide open and very scared.

We were concerned how things would work out.

He’s watched you grow.

He seems to want to protect you.

We think he really does adore you.

Unless you crawl towards him, screeching and shouting in his face.

…He doesn’t like that!


You are not the greatest sleeper, we’ve established that!

We’re working on that though, the time will come and we will get there.

We are just lucky to have a healthy, gorgeous boy.

That is all that matters!


So many people love you little boy,

You are truly adored.

Mummy and Daddy are so lucky to have such lovely friends who will do anything for you.

Your Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties and the rest of our huge extended family,

all think you’re pretty special too.


Today you turn one, another exciting milestone.

It’s not a time to be sad,

but a time to look forward.

You may be growing up fast.

 Though, I feel so lucky to be able to watch you grow.


I can’t wait for a future of memory making.

Beach days,

Walks in the woods,

Your first splash in a puddle,

Our first trip to the cinema together,

Our first holiday as a family.

The list is endless!

We have so much to look forward to.


My advice to you little one is…

To just be yourself.

Continue to turn those heads.

Make the most of life.

Go on adventures,

Climb mountains,

Travel the land and sea.

Be true to yourself.

Be polite.

Be kind.

Be determined.

Be happy.

Be honest.

Be inspired.

Inspire and teach others.


Take risks.

…We will pick you up if you fall.

Know we are always here for you.

Talk to us, day or night.

We will always stick by you,

No matter what!

Life can be tough and hard at times,

It can be a scary World.

Though, our World can also be amazing.

People will walk in and out of your life.

Choose the people that choose you.

It’s ok to feel sad sometimes,

Just tell us what’s on your mind.

We will help you.

We will comfort you.

We will guide you and we will nurture you.

Let’s continue to learn together.


One day you will read this,

In a journal I’ve started to create for you.

I will give it to you when you’re older.

So you can know what an incredible first year it’s been.

But also know what a gentle, happy and courageous little boy you are.


You’ve made me so much stronger,

and taught me so much.

You’ve made me a better person.

I feel so much more determined now.

You’ve helped me to discover the most important people in my life,

the one’s who have and always will be there for us.

You’ve inspired me to write.

You’ve encouraged me to open up about my anxiety.

Because of you we have helped others,

and raised awareness.

That is one of my other greatest achievements in life.

I can’t thank you enough for being by my side and for helping me accomplish this!


You are my World, my light, my life and future.

Thank you for coming in to my World.

Thank you for being you.


Happy 1st Birthday Harry.