Breathe, Believe and Be yourself.

As you have all probably guessed by now, my favourite word is ‘breathe’. This word, for many reasons, has been my rock over the years.

This word is particularly useful if I’m scared, stressed, frustrated, worried or anxious. Breathing is a simple function that our bodies do so naturally but during times of distress, it can be quite easy to forget how to breathe.

Focusing on my breathing helps to distract my brain and as a result, this will help my body to calm down. This doesn’t always work straight away or even work at all but it is a great skill that I’ve learnt in order to cope during the difficult times.

The word breathe is what encouraged me to write this blog. Anxiety has been a huge part of my life, so after finding strategies to help tackle my anxiety and finding the strength to talk about it, I couldn’t not share it.

I really want to encourage anyone who suffers from anxiety or any other types of mental health to please open up about it. You don’t have to tell the World, but by choosing at least one person you can trust and talk to, it can really help to reduce that heavy weight you may have building upon your shoulders. In fact, since writing my blog, it has become even clearer to me that I am not alone and that there are many people out there who too are battling daily. I couldn’t believe the response I received after I explained about my own unique experience with anxiety. My inbox was flooded with emails from many people, friends, and strangers, who also suffer from this illness.

Suddenly, I felt I had hope. I was relieved and finally, I wasn’t alone!  I had achieved one of the most incredible objectives. My goal was to share awareness and my goodness, did I accomplish it?

The one response I will always remember is: A Mother who’s young daughter had been suffering from anxiety got in contact with me. The Mother hadn’t suffered with it herself and was therefore struggling to understand. She messaged me after reading my blog to tell me how much my post had helped her to understand what her daughter was going through. That really was a proud moment for me. I had already built awareness and helped even those that don’t suffer from the illness to understand what their loved ones might be going through. Finally, I had turned my own experience with anxiety into a positive one.

Other responses were from people who had been told they may have anxiety by their Drs but they hadn’t quite accepted it themselves yet. They were able to relate to my posts and were finally able to accept that they too, were going through the same thing. Opening up to me was their first step to dealing with anxiety. I encouraged them to go back to their Dr to try and find strategies to help; such as counselling. Some of these people have been to counselling now and are finding their own techniques to cope.

I have even rekindled friendships from the past and become a virtual friend via email for others, just by listening to those who just require someone in their life who understands and knows what they are going through.

The fact that writing this blog actually helped others to feel accepted, to open up and talk about it, is just the most amazing feeling!

The reason I have titled this blog Breathe, Believe and Be yourself is because I wanted to share that not only has opening up about anxiety made me feel so much better. It’s also helped me to find a hobby I love and really enjoy, which is writing. This blog has benefited hugely in many ways and I am now really lucky to have a part-time job that also allows me to work at home and in my own time. Another exciting opportunity has also arisen and I am currently working on a blog post project for a Motion Graphics Design Company. This company is actually our friends business but since reading my blog, they have offered me a position to write regular blog posts for them. My first freelance copywriting job…for now!

I am currently being encouraged to pursue this as a career. I will continue to build on my experience but for now, I am currently enjoying the balance I have between work and being a Mummy. Though, I am hopeful that my future is now bright and the doors that I didn’t even know existed before ‘breathe’ are starting to open for me.

Please don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, take risks because the knock backs will only make you stronger. Please open up if you’re struggling, it doesn’t make you any less of a human. It makes you a strong, real and honest human! Remember to believe in yourself and just be you because, behind those foggy glasses of yours, there is a positive and bright looking future ahead. Plus, the people that accept you for you are the important ones that truly matter.