The Terrible Twos Or The Terrific Twos? 

We’ve all heard that phrase ‘the terrible twos’ at some point in our lives and whilst I understand the term ‘at times’, I don’t actually believe the two’s are that terrible…

Ok, so I could be writing this and in about a months time be eating my own words but honestly for me, the ‘two’s’ have actually been my most enjoyable time in motherhood, yet. Yes, at times we do face some challenges but overall, this is quite possibly the happiest I’ve been since the day I gave birth.    

I’m not going to lie, I half dreaded the 2nd birthday approaching because I had no idea what to expect. Although what I did get, and numerous times in fact – was the typical phrase…”Ooh, it won’t be long until he reaches that terrible twos stage’. 

Well, that sentence literally planted a seed full of fear into my brain. So much so, that all I could think of was the fact my sweet, precious one year old would soon become this tiny, evil monster that these people speak so dangerously of….although, fortunately for me – I’m still waiting for the arrival of Mr Terrible Two!  

Instead, what I do have – is the most ‘terrific’ two year old. A little boy who is learning so much and building up his confidence every single day. A little adventurer with a big imagination and one who loves to explore the great outdoors; walks, the beach, the park, the garden – you name it, he takes in every surrounding and every moment and makes every single memory count. 

The random songs I catch him sweetly singing when he’s playing on his own. The spontaneous dancing I suddenly detect in the corner of my eye when he thinks no one’s watching, the simple ‘please’s’, ‘thank you’s, ‘sorry’s and ‘love you’s’, and the kisses I lovingly receive after he’s just grabbed my face and looked me deep into the eyes are moments I’ll treasure forever. 

Now, I’m not saying my two-year-old is perfect because believe me, we do face plenty of difficult times of our own. They are a clever species and easily know how to push your buttons. However, distraction is my best friend and sticker charts are my survival!  

I just think it’s important to remember how big and scary this world is to a two-year-old and how frustrating it must be for them to not be able to express what they want and need at times. Those challenging moments are all about them growing as a person and at the same time, we’re learning with them, too. The testing and pushing are not always negative traits and are ones we all require as we go through life, so although it can be tough at times – it’s the companionship, love and friendship from that little human that totally outweighs those minor negatives.  

So, to anyone with a child about to turn two, don’t be fooled…it’s not all that terrible! 

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